About us

“To seek sacred knowledge is an obligation (Fard) on every Muslim (Ibn Maja).”
This hadith refers to the attainment of religious knowledge. It is fard’ayn, mandatory, upon every Muslim to seek as much knowledge as will allow him to fulfill his religious obligations.

Our Mission
With regards to this hadith, our mission is to help Muslims all over the world to have easy access to sacred knowledge. With the numerous affordable books and audio series we sell online, it is easy as a click away to find the answer to numerous topics about Islam. Our books and audio series come from various legitimate sources (eg. Sahih Bukhari). We are striving to make it possible for Muslims all over the world to easily obtain religious knowledge.

Our History
In the year 2006, we were a small business that would sell our book and audio series at different Islamic conventions (eg. ISNA, ICNA). We received a high demand from people all over the world, to obtain authentic knowledge from the books and audio series we sell. By the grace and mercy of Allah (S) we expanded our business and made easy accesses to our products online. We sell numerous books and audio series at an affordable cost.