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Islam/Women and Work

Can a Muslim woman have a role beyond the domestic realm?

For a variety of reasons, ranging from the financial to the intellectual, many Muslim women choose to work in fields that take them beyond the domestic realm, in many cases enhancing their roles in the home with their families.

Beyond the Kitchen draws upon the real-life experiences of working Muslim women and discusses their challenges, from juggling domestic chores, family commitments and workplace demands to dealing with challenges such as wearing hijab in the wokplace and deciding whether or not to attend the office Christmas party.

Muslim women and girls who want to explore the world of work will find a wealth of ideas in this book.

“[An] outstanding book… Huda Khattab brings us together as a community of women, struggling with all these issues… [and] offers us an insight into the lives of many Muslim women, giving voice to their struggles, challenges, and achievements.” –Katherine Bullock, author of Rethinking Women and the Veil.

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